Does your flower food foam?

Does your flower food foam?

Different flower foods contain different ingredients and depending on their composition, physical and chemical properties of the solution, after mixing with water the results can be quite different.  The presence of foam on the surface of the water after mixing doesn’t mean it isn’t working, on the contrary!  Some of the best performing flower foods tend to foam the most.

The FloraLife® Express line of flower food products is one of those flower foods that tends to foam but that’s just inherent to the product’s composition.  What can you do to minimize foam and get on with your flower processing day?

  1. Always follow dosing instructions listed on the flower food packaging.
  2. Reduce the pressure of the water output to minimize the occurrence of agitation that creates foam.
  3. Fill buckets putting hose under the water level to reduce surface agitation.
  4. Fill containers 30 minutes prior to processing, foam typically dissipates in that time.

The most important step you can take to make your flowers last the longest is using flower food.  Foam on top of your water is a great indicator that your flower food is hard at work.  So come on flowers, the water is fine!  Jump on in!