FloraLife Troubleshoot - Delphinium

Delphinium: Troubleshooting

Delphinium: Troubleshooting

Delphinium is a fantastically showy line flower. Its year-round availability makes it a natural choice for designers everywhere.  Delphinium can be a little finicky, but with the right care, handling, and treatment they will perform well and play their role well in helping you to create show-stopping floral arrangements.


Problems & Solutions


Ethylene Sensitivity


Delphinium is highly sensitive to ethylene causing petal shattering. Use ethylene action-inhibitor products such as FloraLife® EthylGuard* at farm level and FloraLife® EthylBloc™ during storage and transportation to safeguard Delphinium against any exposure to ethylene.


Disease Sensitivity


Delphinium is susceptible to powdery mildew and leaf spot. Extremely high relative humidity or temperature fluctuation during shipping should be avoided as condensation on sleeves can promote pathogen growth. Do not over pack buckets with bunches to allow enough breathing room between stems. Also, respect the cold chain. Do not get water on or handle the flowers by their blooms.


Prone to Physical/Mechanical Damage


Blooms, stems, and foliage are delicate and must be packed carefully to avoid bruising and breakage. You should also be cautious when designing with Delphinium, stems tend to get tangled easily and pulling too hard will damage the flowers.

Need to Know: Delphinium Helpful Hints


Properly Mixed Flower Food: The Benefits

  • Helps blooms fully develop and stalk to open to the top
  • Helps Delphinium stay hydrated and avoid wilting
  • Longer vase life
  • Better color development and retention

Keep them Fresh!

  • Delphinium needs to hydrate well. We recommend pre-treating at farms with FloraLife® Express Clear 100.
  • Recommended flower food solution for storage/transport: FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200.
  • Recommended flower food solution for end consumers: FloraLife® Express Universal 300 packets.
  • Cooler / Storage temperature should be 34-38°F, 1-3°C
  • Delphinium can ship dry or wet without issue as long as you avoid temperature fluctuations. If shipping or storing dry pack, be sure flowers are well hydrated with FloraLife® Express Clear 100 before packing. If shipping or storing wet pack, we recommend using FloraLife® Express Clear 200 storage and shipping solution.
  • Use FloraLife® Transport Paper sheets for shipping and storage.


  • Average vase life for Delphinium is 4-12 days.
  • Opening is gradual. Delphinium begins blooming at the bottom of the spike working its way up. There are usually a couple of blooms open at the bottom of the stem at the time or purchase or delivery.
  • Foliage is a medium, leafy green.
  • Delphinium can be mixed with other flowers without any negative or harmful effects.
  • When processing, be sure all leaves that would be below the flower food solution level are removed. If you aren't using FloraLife® Express technology, you'll want to re-cut stems. Check water levels daily, if water levels become low, you should repeat your processing steps replenishing with a freshly made flower food solution like FloraLife® Express 300.
  • Can be used in foam designs, but stems will need to be hydrated overnight prior. Since stems are tall, it's suggested to use a secure foam to hold them in place well. Cut stems at an angle before inserting into foam and check foam daily to ensure stems stay hydrated.
  • Use FloraLife® Finishing Touch or FloraLife® Crowning Glory* spray once designs are complete to keep blooms fresh and hydrated.


  • Our top recommendation always for inventory rotation is to follow the FIFO (First In First Out) guidelines. If storing dry pack, Delphinium has a storage life of 5-7 days maximum. Wet pack storage should be limited to 3 days or less.


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