Carnations: Perfect for any celebration!

LivRio Magazine February 2023, powered by FloraLife

Although many will associate the month of March with St. Patrick’s Day (March 17), it’s also when we celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8), which actually began as National Women’s Day back in 1909 in New York city. It became international in 1911 and was designed to promote equal rights and women’s suffrage.

Widely celebrated in eastern Europe and Russia since then as an alternative to Mother’s Day, International Women’s Day was officially adopted by the United Nations in 1975. Today, it is an occasion for all women to be celebrated, and gifts of flowers are often given to family members and co-workers alike.

With two very different holidays ahead, make sure you’re prepared by stocking up on the classically versatile Carnation. Few other flowers can beat Carnations for their range of colors, styles and longevity. Whether you’re using bold standard carnations, with one single large flower, or diminutive sprays, with many smaller flowers, they’re sure to fulfill every customer’s requirement.  

So, whether you’ll be celebrating International Women’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, or both, plan ahead and make the most of the events March has to offer with Carnations.

Carnation Care and Handling Tips


  • Standard Carnations: Choose stems with closed blooms but showing full color.
  • Spray (Mini) Carnations: Choose stems with closed blooms, showing some color on lower buds.

Shipping and Storage

  • Shipping and storage temperatures should be 34 – 38° F with a relative humidity of 75-85%.
  • Dry storage is best, but only if temperatures are maintained between 34 to 38° F.

Re-hydration at Store Level and Storage

  • Start processing with a clean bucket, sanitized with FloraLife® D.C.D.® Cleaner.
  • If received dry packed, conditioning of stem ends is recommended to prevent blockage and promote uptake. Cut approximately 1” or more off stems. Use clean, sanitized clippers or knife, and treat with FloraLife® Quick Dip.
  • Place flowers in a holding treatment such as FloraLife® Express 200 or FloraLife® Clear 200.  Do not put flowers directly in metal/galvanized buckets. Use clean, high-quality water that has not been treated with a water softener as the salt levels can be damaging to flowers.
  • Store in a cooler at 34 – 38° F with a relative humidity of 75-85%
  • Allow minimum 2 hours to hydrate placing buckets in an area with good airflow.  
  • Always remember FIFO (first in/first out) when rotating Carnations or any other flowers.

Vase Care

  • Remove any leaves that might be below the vase solution.
  • Cut approximately 1” or more off stems. Use clean, sanitized clippers or knife. If received dry, treat with FloraLife® Quick Dip.
  • Immediately place flowers in vase solutions containing FloraLife® Crystal Clear or FloraLife® Express 300.

Special Considerations

  • Botrytis can develop in the blooms. Always maintain the correct temperature and humidity levels during storage.
  • Carnations and Mini Carnations are ethylene sensitive. Insist that your supplier treats with an ethylene action inhibitor such as EthylBloc™ during storage or transportation or FloraLife® EthylGuard at farm level to protect exposure. Do not store or display near ripening produce or products that produce ethylene.
  • When cutting stems, do so between nodes.

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