How one small change can make a big difference!

August 2018

For many years, our 5-gallon liquid pails had difficult to open lids. It was designed that way to prevent leakage during transport. As a result, it was difficult to re-use these buckets once the pails were empty. Well… no more! Thanks to innovations in packaging, this issue has been resolved. With a simple tear strip add-on, these 5-gallon liquid pails can now be easily opened and reused. All that without compromising quality and shipping security. It is simple: tear the plastic strip off by pulling the tab and voila! This separates the lid from the container and allows you to  use your empty pail to hydrate and feed all of your beautiful flowers. While this is a small and simple change, this makes a big difference to your floral shop’s sustainability footprint, creating a second life for your plastic waste.

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Available mid October 2022.