What is the difference bleach and the FloraLife® Cleaners?

For longer lasting results, use disinfectant cleaners that have a residual effect!

One of the many advantages of using FloraLife® D.C.D® and FloraLife® MicroBLOC® disinfectants over bleach is their long-lasting effect or persistence on surfaces that we refer to as “residual activity”. Bleach products on the other hand are inactivated quickly after performing the cleaning action and dissipate from the surface. FloraLife® D.C.D® and FloraLife® MicroBLOC® disinfectants stay attached to surfaces longer. The long-lasting effect depends on the type of surface as well as how clean it is. To get the residual activity once the area is treated with the products, do not rinse it off as it will create an invisible film over the clean surface. In applications where the treated area needs to be rinsed off with water after application (such as food contact surfaces), this residual activity is minimal.

To know which surfaces need to be rinsed off, follow the label instructions. Please contact your FloraLife representative for additional information.

*these products are only available in North America