Broaden Your Palette with Dyed Flowers

There is no shortage of creative people in the cut flower business. They love to use all the old tricks – and conjure up new ones – in an ongoing effort to challenge themselves and to dazzle their clientele. One reliable trick of the trade is dyeing flowers. During the springtime holidays this old standby can add a touch of excitement around a busy shop, and in the final product! That’s the topic of FloraLife’s latest piece for Floriology, “Dyed Flowers Care and Handling.”

Dyed Flowers: Unique Care Issues

When you work with dyed flowers you have one more avenue for your imagination to travel. Just remember that a dyed flower will have a few unique characteristics that will require some extra attention. Here are a few considerations…

  • Water clarity: As your dyed flowers steep in the flower food solution, it’s not unusual for the flower color to tint the water. Nothing to worry about, but your customer may not like the look. Therefore…
  • Container choice: If water clarity is an issue, perhaps use a non-clear container or vase. But if you plan to reuse the vase, make sure the dye doesn’t permanently stain it.
  • Foliage issues: It’s not uncommon for your foliage to take an adverse hit from the salts and oils in the dye, even while your blooms look great. Just be aware…
  • All mixed up: If your arrangement includes both dyed AND natural flowers, you may find that the naturals may take on some of the tint via the vase water. Most likely, it will be a modest change, though.   
  • Green thumb: Literally! Dyes can sometimes stain your fingers and also clothes and linens. Be sure to warn your customer, too!
  • Points on picks: If you are using picks in your designs, be sure to use plastic or treated wood to help prevent fungal bacterial growth in the vase.

These are a few specific cautions for dealing with dyed flowers. Otherwise, these are still the cut flowers you deal with every day and all the typical – but important – Care and Handling tips apply! Here are some bullet points, but be sure to read the Floriology piece for more detail.     

Dyed Flowers: Everyday Care

  • Use clean buckets, sanitized with D.C.D.® Cleaner.
  • Use cool water mixed with flower food solution – properly mixed by hand or with a dosing unit. Do not use water that has been treated with a water softener (often too much salt present.)
  • Remove any foliage below the solution level.
  • Re-cut stems by approximately 1”. Use sanitized tools! Use FloraLife® Quick Dip to jump-start hydration and ensure free-flowing stems.
  • Place flowers in previously prepared container.
  • Allow a minimum 2 hours of hydration.
  • Remember FIFO (first in first out) when rotating flowers.

As we say, these are the bullet points. Be sure to check out the original article in Floriology. And for further care and handling tips from the flower care experts visit us at: