Hypericum Casts a Spell!

Hypericum has grown in popularity as a non-traditional accent flower. In its berry form, it definitely adds a Christmas-y touch to floral arrangements during the holiday season, but is generally available (and popular!) year-round. Hypericum’s impact, however, goes beyond mere dramatic flair; for centuries it has been renowned for its healing powers in scientific AND superstitious circles. That’s the journey FloraLife and LivRio take in our latest piece, “Hypericum: The Spiritual Protector.”

“Dating as far back as the sixth century, hypericum plants have been used in traditional herbal remedies to treat wounds and skin complaints.” And just ask any fan of holistic remedies or herbal medicine about St. John’s Wort, the wild-growing variant of Hypericum!  

On the spiritual side, “Hypericum plants have a history of being used in many cultures to deter evil spirits, witches, and hexes.” For a really interesting look at how Hypericum earned its Greek name, read the article!

Hypericum Care and Handling Tips from FloraLife

And now, some care and handling tips on this widespread, varied, and dramatically different bloom/branch/berry!  

Purchasing Hypericum:

Stage of development is key to your purchase. If you are selecting for berries, know that the color you see at purchase will not change. If selecting for flowers, buy them when fully open.

Hypericum Hydration and Storage:

  • Limit the time between harvest and placing in the cooler to less than one hour.
  • Everything clean and sanitized with D.C.D.® cleaner 
  • Place stems in a hydration with FLORALIFE® Quick Dip
  • Removing foliage, cutting stems
  • Hydration and flower food solution with proper temps and airflow
  • Proper FIFO stock rotation

Hypericum Vase Care:

Tips on stem trimming, foliage removal below solution level, and using FLORALIFE® Quick Dip followed by FLORALIFE® Clear 300 or FLORALIFE® Express 300

Hypericum Shipping and Storage:

Proper, CONSISTENT shipping and storage temperatures are key! Read the article for details.   

Common Hypericum Defects:

Hypericum foliage can be prone to fungal pathogens pre-harvest, so be sure to choose  stems whose foliage is clean and free from defect.

And those are your hypericum highlights! So, if you wish to guard against ills both physical and spiritual – or if you just like a dramatic floral arrangement – get to know the ancient and mystical hypericum. And be sure to read December’s LivRio (page 23!) for all the important hypericum care and handling tips!