Managing Customer Expectations

The title of this week’s journalistic journey, “Variety Knowledge, Realistic Expectations” is a bit like a math equation with a missing variable, i.e., “Your Knowledge + X = Realistic Expectations.” What’s missing? That’s right, customer education. This dilemma was the topic of a recent piece Floralife® wrote for our friends at Floriology.  

Expectations High, Product Knowledge Low

First off, why is this a “dilemma?” Because today, customer expectations – in the floral realm and elsewhere – are off the charts while customer floral knowledge sometimes lags behind.

Which flowers are truly best for each situation? Which variety will provide the largest, most beautiful, and longest-lasting blooms? This lack of understanding can lead unrealistic expectations. This is usually not a good thing; poet Alexander Pope once offered this caution: “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.”  But these days, expecting nothing is not in our consumer lexicon, is it? We pay, we get, and we expect to get what we pay for – if not more.

“Solve for X…”

Compound this with the realities of today’s connected consumer. They come into your store armed with their expectations. They can’t find the flowers they think they want, and the ones they “settle for” don’t last as long as they THINK they should! They are dissatisfied, and then they tell everyone they know on social media. How can your humble establishment avoid this fate?

The message for anybody who makes their living in flowers is this:  whatever the occasion, whatever the flower variety, it’s critically important to educate our customers and manage their expectations. We need to make sure that customers are buying the flowers that are most appropriate for their needs in each instance and giving them the proper care for that variety.  

Customer education is an ongoing process, and one that may be frustrating at times. But you don’t have to go it alone – you can always turn to your friends at for care and handling advice. And be sure to read the original piece at Floriology!