Beat the Heat for Better Flowers

Extreme heat is a drag for just about everyone and everything, and that includes cut flowers. Whether the cooler in your shop is on the fritz, or you’re setting up for an outdoor wedding, extreme heat will sap the life out of your blooms. What can you do? Well, that’s the subject of Floralife’s latest article, “Keep Calm and Stay Cool!” in this month’s Floriology.

It’s happened to all of us.  It’s the dead heat of summer and the air conditioner dies.  We don’t mean like oops, there was a power surge and it kicks back on, no this is a full on air conditioning meltdown.  You are hot… your brow begins to glisten and then gives way to a full-on sweat.  You’ve stripped down to the bare minimum clothing, and you are drinking water like a fish to try to stay hydrated.  You are taking every measure possible to stay cool.  Flowers are exactly the same!

When conditions are extreme, especially in the heat, flowers will begin to increase respiration at a much faster rate – just like people do.  The need for water intake and continued water intake in order to maintain temperature and not “dry out” will be increased immensely.  Always the best course of action with cut flowers is to maintain constant temperature and avoid extreme heat, cold, or drafts.  Should you experience a spike in temperature be sure to check the water/solution levels in vases and buckets as well as condensation that may have developed on the inside of sleeves.  Sleeves with condensation should be removed or changed immediately to avoid botrytis or other complications.

Keeping flowers fed, nourished and fully hydrated has never been easier than now!  Express from Floralife® takes all the hassle out of the care and handling of fresh cut flowers.  Prepare your bucket or vase with the recommended flower food-to-water ratio, place your flowers in the solution and voila!  And, whether you cut stems or not, your flowers will perform.