A Rose is Not a Rose…

A rose is not a rose. Sounds like the beginning of some cosmic riddle, eh? Actually, it’s kind of a simple concept: basically, no rose is exactly like another.  Sizes, colors, behaviors… each is different. These exciting differences are part of the reason we love roses! And it’s the subject of the latest Floralife® article in the pages of Floriology. Keep reading, won’t you?

a rose is not a rose

Take a look around the room, even if you are with your family, there are no two people who are exactly the same… even if you’re twins!  We all are unique though we are the same species.  The human race comprises infinite combinations of unique individuals, each of us special in our own way.

Roses and people are a lot alike in this respect; no two are ever the same.  Even when looking at a bucket of the same variety you will see subtle differences from bloom to bloom.   Characteristics for each rose variety can vary greatly from size of bloom, petal count, thorns, foliage, shape of the bloom, fragrance and of course the color.  You can expect their vase life and performance to be just as varied.  Some rose varieties open quickly and hold; others take their time or only open to a “teacup” shape. Some varieties have a strong fragrance but do not last long while others do not have a smell and last longer. Better yet, some varieties have many petals and little foliage while others have the opposite. You get the idea. 

a rose is not a rose

The joy of discovering varieties is a lifelong pursuit for many. Learning what to expect from your varieties will help you to better purchase according to your needs and educate your customers to do the same. The goal should be to maximize your customer’s experience with flowers and an educated consumer is a repeat purchaser!

a rose is not a rose

Pamper Your Roses with Floralife®

Just like us, roses love to be pampered but what is the best way to do that?  Be sure to use flower food of course!  We suggest using Floralife® Express Technology, a revolutionary line of floral products that allows fresh cut flowers to be fed and fully hydrated without ever having to re-cut the stems. Cut or no cut, you are sure your roses are going to last their longest! For more info, check out Express.Floralife.com. And be sure to watch this cool animation video out on YouTube.