Sunscreen, Please!

I used to think flowers liked the sun.  I would bring flowers home, spend time arranging them, pop them in the kitchen window so satisfied with how beautiful they looked and then sadly a couple days later (as I was throwing them out) wonder why they hadn’t lasted.  I’d added that little packet of flower food, added water.  I didn’t get it, where did I go wrong? 

I’ve since learned flowers like the sun when they are on the plant but when you have cut flowers in a vase well… let’s just say not so much.

Flowers and people are alike in many ways.  We both need to breathe, nourish, and hydrate.  We also need to have constant environment in order to stay as vibrant as possible for as long as possible.  Environment is important for the long life of your flowers.  When you get your flowers home, temperature variations and drafts can make your flowers work too hard to stay alive.  Direct sunlight will heat up your flowers and supercharge respiration and transpiration – the “breathing” of a flower – simply put, too much heat from direct sunlight will speed up the cycle and shorten its life. Too chilly or drafts will slow down the cycle, reducing food and water intake to the extent that flowers cannot sustain themselves.

Want your gorgeous blooms to last?  Keep them out of a direct sunlight and drafts, and avoid extreme heat or cold.  Always follow best practices when it comes to care and handling. And flower food is a must-have; it’s the key ingredient to making your flowers last. 

Want to spend less time maintaining flowers and more time enjoying them? Try Express, a revolutionary line of floral products that allows fresh cut flowers to be fed and fully hydrated, cut or no cut.  Trim stems as needed or just pop them in vase.  Most importantly, ENJOY!

And enjoy the Flower Food for Thought “Sunscreen, Please!” video on YouTube!

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