Mother’s Day Success Secrets 2019

“Mother’s Day: For those new to the holiday, new to your neighborhood, or simply looking for a change, it’s a time for first impressions. In this business consumers are eager to form relationships with trusted vendors. So the Big Day is an opportunity to earn your sliver of $23 billion in the days leading up to May 12th*, AND make lasting impressions that lead to repeat business!”

That’s the windup for a recent article we penned for Florists’ Review, entitled “Checklist for Mother’s Day Floral Success – and Beyond!So, here’s a brief rundown of valuable Mother’s Day floral Dos’ and Don’ts for floral retailers.

Mother’s Day Do’s include tips on:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing tools and work surfaces
  • Flower inspection and processing
  • Cutting (or NOT cutting) stems (when using Floralife Express!)
  • Dealing with flower sleeves
  • Flower food usage and dosing
  • Keeping an eye on cooler conditions
  • Giving customers flower food sachets with their purchases. Perhaps a little “Flower Food for Thought”? #FloralifeFFFT !

Mother’s Day Don’ts include notes on:

  • Flower storage
  • Cutting flowers underwater
  • Neglecting to assign responsibility around the shop for all these Dos and Don’t’s!  
Mother's Day

“In today’s connected, digital world, most lasting impressions are still made in your shop. It’s the flowers; the care and handling you give your stock to the conditions in your cooler and your workroom. It’s the quality, freshness and vase life of your creations that will satisfy your customers and keep them coming back!”

Once again, there are the highlights. Read the rest HERE. And best wishes for a successful Mother’s Day!

*Or March 31 in the UK and Ireland, which is CRAZY soon!!