Floral Cooler Care and Maintenance

Floral cooler

In this edition, a salute to the floral cooler! Every profession has tools it uses to get the job done. Among these, there is usually one tool that you just couldn’t live without. In our world, “there is hardly a single tool more vital to the floral professional’s success, and possibly even survival, than the floral cooler.”

That’s the theme of a recent article we penned for the folks at Floral Management, entitled “Cooler Upkeep: Key to Floral Business Success. In this piece, we explore the floral cooler from top to bottom, with an emphasis on the day-to-day things you can do to help this vital piece of equipment A) perform as it should, and B) have a long, useful life.

Floral cooler

The article includes:

  • A discussion of the differences between the display cooler and the rotational cooler
  • Tips on choosing the right cooler for your business
  • Managing temperature fluctuations and humidity levels inside the cooler
  • Maintenance for longer cooler life
  • Preventing and controlling the presence of harmful ethylene gas
  • Stock rotation for the freshest product
  • Floral Cooler Sanitation: Bleach vs Floralife® D.C.D® Cleaner
  • Developing (and following!) a schedule for regular cleaning
  • The things we tend to neglect, such as coils and drainage

Floral Cooler Knowledge: It’s Cool!

If you ever dreamed of being a floral cooler super-genius, our Floral Management article is the first stop on your journey. So check it out! See you next time!