Colombian Flowers: Secrets of their Success!

colombian flowers

If you are a Superfloral subscriber (and shouldn’t you be?) be on the lookout for the latest trade article by Floralife®, “Colombia: A Floral Success Story,” appearing in the February/March issue.

Colombia is a land of eternal spring, with a climate ideal for growing flowers year-round. So ideal, in fact, that cut flowers have become a billion-dollar-plus enterprise! The evidence is all around you: chances are, the roses, carnations, and countless other varieties in your shop were all grown there. Ever wonder how they do it? What keeps Colombian flowers on top?

The answers include favorable climate, abundant resources and a LOT of hard work. The article goes on to describe all of these, including: 

  • Water Quality
  • Cultivar Expertise
  • Cold Chain Adherence and Investment, including:
    • Pre-cooling
    • Processing
    • Trucking
    • The Airport
  • Use of Commercial Postharvest Solutions
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility

These are some of the secrets to Colombian floral success. To be sure, there are many fine growing regions in the floral world. Each has its strengths. Each is a vital component in the floral economy. And each does its part to bring a little joy and sunshine into the world. But in few places do the components of floral success come together in such abundance as they do in Colombia. Whatever you’re doing, Colombia, keep it up!

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