Field to Vase with SAF and FLORALIFE®!

Attendees at the Society of American Florists (SAF) convention got to experience their own Field to Vase Dinner at last week’s Palm Springs show, thanks to Certified American Grown and sponsored in part by FLORALIFE®.

field to vase

Held Friday, Sept. 14, the Field to Vase Dinner was an opportunity to meet and network with floral industry members and experience firsthand one of the industry’s most buzzworthy promotional events. In fact, these events won Floral Management’s 2017 Marketer of the Year Award! The Field to Vase Dinner is typically a venue for connecting “growers, wholesalers and industry folks with regular people off the street.” This event, however, was strictly for industry insiders.

SAF and Certified American Grown worked closely together to replicate the experience of an American Grown Field to Vase Dinner, which normally takes place on-site at a farmer’s greenhouse or field.  Prior to Palm Springs, the 2018 Dinners were held at farms in Fallbrook, Carlsbad, and Sacramento CA, as well as Soldier’s Grove WI. Holding the dinner at SAF Palm Springs 2018 meant a larger audience — roughly 400 compared to the average 150 people per dinner — but many of the tour’s signature touches were on full display.

field to vase

Meet You at the Boutonniere Bar!

Guests were invited to create a boutonniere at the boutonniere bar, sponsored in part by FLORALIFE®. They also got the chance to talk to the local farmers who supplied the flowers who were mingling in the crowd. Dinner attendees chatted with nearly 20 farm ambassadors before, during and after the dinner, learning more about flowers, growing practices and issues related to sustainability — all info they can take home and share with customers and staff.

Flower Food For Thought

In addition to hosting the boutonniere bar, FLORALIFE® previewed its latest promotion, Flower Food For Thought, a series of fun and educational sachet packages for retail.

field to vase
Flower Food For Thought!

More Field to Vase to Come!

One final Field to Vase Dinner remains for 2018, to be held October 5th in Nashville TN. Ticket information available here.

Original press release: Anne Holub, SAF