FLORALIFE® offers Flower Food for Thought

New FLORALIFE® “Flower Food for Thought” packet designs inspire consumers to engage with their floral purchases. The new program also educates and imparts good care and handling tips, as well as fun facts about flowers for the entire floral industry.


flower food for thoughtFlower Food for Thought: Fun and Non-Technical

Created with fun and nontechnical messaging to encourage consumers to use their flower food packets, the program includes 60 different designs in three different categories: care and handling, flower meaning and fun facts.

Using the packet packaging as a mini-billboard, each sachet carries an entertaining design and message. For example, a packet design depicts a dehydrated flower yelling out, “I’m thirsty,” and the reverse side of the sachet provides instructions on quenching the flower’s thirst stating, “Flower food solution keeps me fed, hydrated and fabulous!”

In North America, “Flower Food for Thought” designs are available in Floralife® Express Technology and Crystal Clear® in powder packets that treat 1 liter (1 quart) and 0.5 liter (1 pint) amounts of water. The packets are packaged in matching themed dispenser boxes in quantities of 100 and 200 and are also available in bulk boxes for a total of eight different packs.

“An Educated Consumer is a Repeat Purchase”

flower food for thought“Our goal is to educate the world about flowers!” said Sharon Mikulinski, Global Marketing Manager, FLORALIFE®. “As experts in flower care, we are in a unique position to do this, and our ‘Flower Food for Thought’ program is a fun and engaging approach to accomplish that goal. We can all agree that an educated consumer is a repeat purchase, and a growing educated consumer base means a growing floral industry.”

Millions of FLORALIFE® flower food packets reach consumers globally on a yearly basis, providing an opportunity to educate consumers about proper care and handling in an entertaining way. Customers that are educated on the importance of caring for their fresh cut flowers and use flower food are likely to have a satisfied, positive experience with their flower purchase and a solid reason to return when it is time to purchase again.

“We are caring for and educating the floral industry…one bloom at a time,” added Mikulinski.

Part of the FLORALIFE® Family of Products

The FLORALIFE® brand includes a complete line of products that support the entire cut-flower distribution chain from harvest to vase; from growers to wholesalers and from supermarkets and retail shops to the consumer. Floralife® Express Technology is a premium flower food solution that provides optimum vase life, cut or no cut. Its no-cut feature is a revolutionary technology that improves efficiency and saves labor costs, while acting as the perfect insurance policy for those customers who may not re-cut their stems. FLORALIFE® products provide the ultimate enjoyment experience for the end consumer with solutions for pretreatment, hydration, transport and storage, and flower food solutions for nourishment and conditioning.

To view a video and obtain free samples of the new “Flower Food for Thought” packets, visit: FFFT.Floralife.com or contact Global Marketing Manager, Sharon Mikulinski at [email protected].

flower food for thought