Dynamic Disbuds: Caring for the Mighty Mum


Disbuds, Mums, Chrysanthemums… whatever you call them, these flowers hold a special place in the heart of the floral professionals everywhere. They are varied, colorful and long lasting, so they offer the design flexibility and vase life that keeps florists – and customers – happy. And they’re the topic of Floralife’s latest Care and Handling piece in the August edition of LivRio Magazine!

Disbuds: A Royal Heritage

While some varieties of Mums are native to Europe, our love story with Disbuds truly began in the Far East over a THOUSAND years ago, where the Chrysanthemum became the symbol of the Japanese Imperial court. Today…

disbudsCultivated Mums of the modern age come in a spectrum of shapes and colors, making them the most versatile flowers to use in design. Daisy, cushion, spiders, ball; the array of shapes and colors is simply dazzling! If ever Mums had a claim to fame, though, it could be summed up in one word: HARDY! These beauties aren’t fragile. Not especially sensitive to ethylene, you can expect 7 to 10 days of vase life at a minimum, and in most cases more, depending on the TLC you give them.  LivRio Magazine

Disbuds: Tips and Tricks

Of course, while they are hardy and versatile, Disbuds aren’t indestructible. And their variety means that they will have varying degrees of disease resistance. Read the article for further details on:

  • What to know before you buy
  • Visual cues to spot disease and defects
  • Handy processing tips on:
    • Proper sanitation of tools and surfaces
    • The dangers of using metal or galvanized buckets
    • Proper hydration
    • Storage temperature
    • And others.

disbudsThe care and handling article also lists useful Floralife products to help you work with your Disbuds, including:  D.C.D.® Cleaner, no-cut Express Technology and Quick Dip.  Be sure to check out the August issue of LivRio Magazine today!