Follow the Flowers – All Around the World!

At Floralife, we like to describe our contribution to the global floriculture industry with the phrase “Follow the Flowers.” The path from the farm to the home is long and full of hazards for the delicate flower, and Floralife products attempt to address each of them. It’s a big job! How big? To appreciate the global scope of Following the Flowers, it helps to also “Follow the Income.”

To Follow the Flowers, Follow the Income

Recently, published an article highlighting “The 10 Wealthiest Countries in the World.” These are “the major economies that hold 73% of the world’s wealth.” They are, in order:

follow the flowersThey also predicted the rankings for the year 2027.  The players will remain the same but, outside the Top 3, some rankings will change.

Future Growth Looks “Rosy”

The REAL story will be the continued growth of China and India. The wealth of these countries has more than doubled in the past decade, and will do it again in the NEXT decade. By 2027, India will pass Germany and the UK to be a few dollars shy of Japan, while China will very nearly catch up with America.

What does this mean to the flower business? Well, where there is accumulated wealth, people have more disposable income for the “nice” things in life, like flowers!  So it’s no coincidence that a list of top flower-consuming countries very much resembles the previous list, and includes the US, Germany, UK, France, Japan and Italy.

So, if wealth increases by 180% in China and 200% in India (as predicted,) and the US’ and Japan’s already-huge economies grow by at least another 20%, how will it affect the cut-flower industry? It could be very good news for the producing regions that serve them, as well as transporters, wholesalers and retailers.

Huge Potential Opportunity for Floral Pros

Weather, climate and soil determine where the flowers are grown. The market determines where the flowers go. And the route between them can be long and rocky. Fortunately, Floralife Follows the Flowers from their point of origin to the home, keeping them fresh and healthy at every step along the way.

follow the flowers
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As our Rose Program illustrates, Floralife helps growers hydrate flowers, maintain a clean work environment, combat botrytis and prevent ethylene damage. At the bouquet operation, many of the same hazards are present, but also conditioning and storage issues that require additional hydration and nourishment solutions. At retail, the need for attractive displays and reduced waste are also important, and Floralife offers solutions for these needs, as well. Finally, the consumer wants beautiful flowers that last – and Floralife delivers!

Floralife Will Be There!

Floriculture is truly a global business. Wherever you are in the flower-loving world – harvesting in Colombia, driving a truck in Kashmir, unloading a cargo jet in Miami, working an auction in Amsterdam, arranging a bouquet in Sydney, or decorating a dining room table in Tokyo – Floralife has you covered, now and in the future!