Floralife Express Earns FloraHolland Verification!

epress floralholland approval

FloraHolland verification for Floralife Express Clear 100 for Roses: Smithers-Oasis recently received verification for its Floralife Express Clear 100 for post-harvest rose care from FloraHolland. Floralife Express Clear 100 received FloraHolland verification after a stringent, four-phased, year-long testing procedure that began in early 2017.

FloraHolland Verification Process

“The process involved a precise temperature- and humidity-controlled testing procedure with Express Clear 100 and roses—including a one-day grower simulation, a four-day transportation simulation, a two-day retail simulation and, finally, the consumer vase-life simulation,” explained Jan Boers, research and development manager, Floralife Europe, who led the efforts for the verification. “We are excited that Floralife Express Clear 100 worked so well and for some varieties, surpassed the competition in the tests for average vase life after-treatment.”

Only “Approved Treatments” Earn FloraHolland Verification

The FloraHolland verification process means that as of March 15, 2018, Floralife Express Clear 100 will be added to the list of approved treatments for growers. Flowers sold through the auction must adhere to very precise product specifications regarding how they are packed, treated and transported.

“Accepted and Recommended”

As part of the process, growers are informed that Floralife Express Clear 100 is an accepted and recommended pretreatment for roses. Floralife Express Clear 100 is an innovative hydration and treatment solution that allows fresh-cut flowers to become fully hydrated. The premium solution is formulated to keep fresh-cut flowers looking fresh, optimizing vase life and improving quality. “Our customers requested that we obtain the verification from FloraHolland when they witnessed how well Express Clear 100 performed,” said Marco Marques, managing director, Europe, Floralife. “Obtaining the verification makes our customers’ lives easier—and everyone at the auction now has access to the best product for rehydrating roses.”

About Express Clear 100: Express Clear 100 is a revolutionary fresh cut flower hydration and treatment solution that allows for an enhanced water uptake process after harvest without having to recut stems. This premium solution is perfectly formulated with ingredients to keep fresh cut flowers looking fresh, increasing longevity, and improving quality. For more information, visit us on the web at: Express.Floralife.com