Floralife Partners for Sustainability and Social Responsibility

flam7Sustainability and social responsibility are important issues at Floralife. As we work to help bring the freshest cut flowers to consumers worldwide, we look for industry partners who share our values. So when Africa Outlook magazine invited us to place an ad and write an editorial highlighting the relationship between Floralife and Kenyan grower Flamingo Horticulture, it was a natural fit!

Africa Outlook offers news, industry trends and success stories from across Africa. In their current issue, they devoted a section to agriculture, highlighting players who balance new technology and traditional farming, with an eye toward sustainability and social responsibility.

With those goals in mind, they fixed their sights on Flamingo Horticulture, “a renowned name cross the global inner circle of supermarket retail, leveraging the sustainability and operational excellence that is applied in Kenya to distribute the very best produce to the rest of the world.”

flam1Flamingo’s renown includes a feature in the Spotlight section of the Floralife website, as well as an accompanying blog post. There, Floralife also recognized Flamingo Horticulture for its water management and other sustainability efforts, as well as its many employee enrichment initiatives.

We invite you to check out some highlights from our editorial, “Floralife and Flamingo Horticulture: Responsible Partnership”.

 “Flamingo Horticulture is an example of the flower industry’s promise and its responsibility to the people and the environment. Their sustainability efforts in the areas of water use and waste disposal have earned Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certifications. Employee amenities include set working hours and time off, free transportation and subsidized meals onsite. Local outreach efforts include a company hospital that serves the entire community.”

“Floralife offers partners such as Flamingo Horticulture testing and expert advice on pretreatment, hydration, transport and storage, and final food solutions for nourishment conditioning. Floralife technologies also help reduce water usage, optimize flower nutrition, fight disease and help ensure longer vase life.”

flam9“In partnership with Flamingo Horticulture, Floralife helps ensure that each hectare of soil is being used responsibly and efficiently to produce superior flowers for the discerning international market.”

You can read more about sustainability and social responsibility efforts in Floralife’s ad and editorial online in this month’s issue of Africa Outlook. And visit Flamingo Horticulture online at www.flamingo.net/.