Inspiring the Next Generation of Floral Industry Talent

PMA video inspires next generation of floral industry talent

What are we doing to promote the next generation of floral industry talent? How do we attract and inspire young people to join us at all points along the flower chain and help our industry thrive in the future?

It’s a question that Floralife takes seriously, and recently Steven Daum, Floralife Director of Superflor Technologies, joined forces with the Center for Growing Talent by PMA for a special project.

Together we produced a video entitled “How the Floral Supply Chain Works Together,” to premiere at July’s Fresh Connections: Floral Miami. According to PMA’s Barbara Hochman, the 7-minute video “provides a general explanation of the floral supply chain and show the depth of the floral industry to the average university student.”

Photo credit: PMA

The video explains to a new generation of floral industry talent:

The history and evolution of global cut flower retail: “In just 20 years we’ve seen a major shift in getting beautiful flowers and plants to the convenience driven consumer. Not long at 70 to 80% of floral products force were sold in mom and pop florists. Today 60% are sold in supermarkets.”

The impact of globalized production: on labor costs and availability, logistics, the cold chain, marketing, land use, growing science and energy use.

The challenges growers face: such as developing business strategy, long-term planning, market research, identifying consumer demand, and differentiating themselves from their competition.

The roles played by the various suppliers: such as the machinery to plant, grow and harvest, fertilizers and pesticides.

The intersection of agriculture and science: including genetics, sustainability, maximizing water use and sunlight, and postharvest products that help preserve flower freshness from the farm to the home (like Floralife’s!)

Logistics: including air and sea freight, the cold chain, customs and the massive warehousing, preparation and distribution operations of Miami FL.

The customer-facing side: selection, arranging and retail operations.

Sound like a lot to cover in seven minutes? That tells you it’s a lively, visual and fast-moving video that captures and promotes a thriving industry!


“The opportunity and excitement of the cut flower industry isn’t a story that needs to be hyped,” Steven Daum explains. “It just needs to be told. This video is the perfect illustration of the Center’s mission of finding, attracting and inspiring a new generation of floral industry talent, and Floralife was happy to play a part.”

So, get inspired! Check out “How the Floral Supply Chain Works Together” at the Center for Growing Talent by PMA YouTube page.

Photo credits: PMA