Floralife eShop is Fun and Convenient

floralife eShop

It’s a question we see often at the Floralife Facebook page: “Where can I buy your products?” Well, now there is a convenient new answer: at the Floralife eShop! It’s the latest way to order your favorite Floralife® products, both for the amateur flower enthusiast and the floral professional.

With the Floralife eShop you can not only place larger orders with your Floralife® wholesaler or sales representative – you can now place smaller orders for home use or to fill the cooler at your shop.

As you browse the easy to navigate eShop site, you will find:

  • Flower Foods and Hydration Products, such as Quick Dip 100
  • Floralife Finishing Sprays, such as Crowning Glory, Finishing Touch and Leafshine
  • Floral Design Tools from Floralife® and Oasis®, including bunch cutters and branch cutters
  • Gifts and Kits, including Floralife’s fun and convenient DIY Floral Arrangement Kit for Weddings
  • Professional Care and Handling Products, such as flower foods, hydration products, finishing sprays and cleaning products, as well as specialty items like Floralife® TempChek

flo 13As for the nuts and bolts of the Floralife® eShop, it has all the functionality and convenience you expect from a modern e-commerce site. There’s a robust search function, filters that allow you to narrow your search by price, a fully-featured shopping cart and an easy checkout experience.

You can order 24 hours a day, and we process your order in three to five business days.

Also, at the bottom of the eShop page, you will find a signup form for the Floralife Newsletter, which will keep you up to date on the latest Floralife® and Oasis® news, products and special offers.

So, just in time for the holidays, enjoy Floralife® and Oasis® products for gift giving and for floral arranging in the home or in the shop. Value, selection and speed – the Floralife eShop has it all! Check it out at http://shop.floralife.com/