Floral Research: Water Uptake, Fresh Weight & Vase Life

hydrate_2cFloralife Research Updates are a valuable source of flower knowledge aimed at helping growers, transporters, wholesalers and retailers get the most from their investment, and present healthy, long-lasting flowers to the consumer. Today’s floral research addresses “Water Uptake, Fresh Weight and Vase Life in Cut Flowers with Commercial Hydration Treatment and Flower Food.” Let’s take a look!

This floral Research Update, written by Floralife Chief Scientist Anil Ranwala, PhD., states that “Maintaining proper water balance and availability of the optimum amount of nutrients are key factors for longevity and quality of cut flowers after harvest.” The introduction describes the roles that commercial hydration solutions (which promote water uptake) and commercial flower foods (which provide the sugars the flowers need) play in keeping flowers fresher longer. And it points to two Floralife products: HydraFlor® Clear ULTRA 100 hydration treatment and Floralife Crystal Clear® flower food. These products are the subjects of today’s floral research experiment.

HydraFlor® Clear ULTRA and Floralife Crystal Clear®: How They Work

floralife hydraflorfloralife crystal clear

HydraFlor® Clear ULTRA 100 is a hydrating treatment for all types of flowers. It improves the flow of water through the stems by clearing air and natural compounds blocking the stem’s passageways. It lowers pH, thus increasing water uptake.

Floralife Crystal Clear® flower food is part of the last stage of postharvest care and handling prior to the end consumer’s purchase. It hydrates and nourishes the flowers and encourages them to properly start opening and showing vibrant colors.

The Experiment: We conducted the following floral research experiment to “investigate water uptake, fresh weight change and vase life of different types of flowers when placed in commercial hydration solution or in flower food compared to plain water.”

We took samples of rose, chrysanthemum, Alstroemeria and Solidago aster and placed them in three solutions: plain water, HydraFlor® Clear Ultra 100 and Floralife Crystal Clear®.

We then measured solution uptake and fresh weight every two days for 16 days. We also measured vase life by way of visual observation.

The Results:

hydrate 1
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Our floral research showed that…

  1. Water uptake was higher with HydraFlor and Crystal Clear than with water alone.
  2. Water uptake was greatest with Crystal Clear.
  3. Fresh weight “increased or was better maintained” by Crystal Clear, then HydraFlor, followed way back by water alone, where fresh weight decreased rapidly.
  4. Vase life was best maintained by Floralife Crystal Clear® flower food.

In other words: “The data confirms the benefits of flower food in vases in terms of maintaining water balance and fresh weight resulting in better vase life. While hydration treatment is good for initial rehydration, the sugar in flower food solutions benefits flowers during long storage or in a vase.”  Read more at the original floral Research Update!

For Better Water Uptake, Fresh Weight & Vase Life, use Floralife!

Have you used HydraFlor® Clear ULTRA 100 hydration treatment or Floralife Crystal Clear® flower food yet? How have they worked for you? Share your results in the comments section below!