Floral Research: Longer Lasting Easter Flowers

bulb 09Floralife Research Updates are a valuable source of cut flower knowledge. Our floral research helps growers, transporters, wholesalers and retailers get the most from their investment, and present a better product to the consumer. Today’s focus is on Easter flowers, specifically bulbs, and “Floralife® Bulb Flower Food Efficacy Trials.”

Proper Postharvest Practices are Key

This floral Research Update was written by Floralife Chief Scientist Anil Ranwala, PhD, who states: “flower opening, petal color, petal retention and leaf quality are largely dependent on proper postharvest practices. Flower foods aid in hydration and supply of essential nutrients to flowers at optimum levels.”

When it comes to fresher, longer lasting bulbs, the name to know is Floralife® Bulb Food Clear 300, which is “formulated to hydrate and nourish fresh cut bulb flowers for the customer’s maximum enjoyment.”


bulb 07
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Floralife® Bulb Food: How it Works

Floralife® Bulb Food Clear 300 Food is specially formulated to work best on tulip, iris, lily, Alstroemeria and freesia. It has unique ingredients to enhance bulb performance and deliver increased vase life versus standard flower food formulas. Floralife® Bulb Food Clear 300 prevents premature bent neck and stimulates water uptake. Its solution works to reestablish and maintain the nutrient balance once the flower is harvested. And it’s suitable for use in mixed or straight line bouquets containing bulbs and foliage greens.

The Experiment

We purchased different bulb flowers from commercial sources, recut the stems and removed foliage below the water/solution level. We placed the stems in either plain water, or in water with Floralife® Bulb Food. We then held the stems in an interior evaluation room, at 68 – 70° F (20 – 21° C), with 12 hours of lighting, and observed vase life.

Here’s a peek at the Results…

bulb 06a
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Again, just a sampling. There are more results in the original floral Research Update!

The bottom line? Our floral research experiment showed that “On average, there was an increase of 37% in vase life, which translates to 3.6 days more than with the use of plain water. Floralife® Bulb Flower Food increased the quality, freshness, and vase life in all trials.”

Easter is early this year and, for the gift-receiving flower lover, Mother’s Day will be a longer wait! So why not help those Easter bulbs stay fresher longer? Our floral research says you can, with Floralife® Bulb Food Clear 300! Have you used our bulb food? How has it worked for you? Share your results in the comments section below!