Celebrate Valentine’s Day Flowers!

vday02…don’t bash them! Of course, Valentine’s Day is a huge floral holiday. And what floral holiday would be complete without flower bashing by everybody who isn’t selling flowers!? “Flowers die. Give her _____ instead,” and so on. As usual, the Society of American Florists is on the case, documenting the abuses against Valentine’s Day flowers. And this year, there’s a social media twist!

Just as during Mother’s Day, SAF takes note of retailers who promote their products and services by dragging Valentine’s Day flowers down. In the most recent SAF Wednesday e-Brief they reported on a Massage Envy Facebook post, where the “_____” in lieu of Valentine’s Day flowers is spa services. SAF raised their concerns, and Massage Envy told them they needed to relax (they may have even suggested that a massage might do the trick. j/k)

massage envyWe’re sure the chocolate folks are thrilled, as well!

Anyway, in response, SAF has invited people to engage Massage Envy on social media (respectfully, of course!) At press time, the Facebook post in question had nearly a hundred responses from floral industry professionals registering their distaste for the ad bashing Valentine’s Day flowers.

Several replies note the fact that small retailers tend to refer other small retailers at times like these. What would go nicely with these Valentine’s Day flowers? Maybe something from the little boutique across the street? Maybe candy? Maybe… a massage? These responders say that a massage will not be on their recommendation list this year. This is unfortunate because Massage Envy is a franchise owned by “little guys” – just like the florist and the boutique owner.

So, what do you think? We asked this at Mother’s Day: is this just good clean capitalistic fun, or is it a problem? We know you have seen these ads, over and over. Which was the worst offender? Let us know in the comments section below. From all of us at Floralife, have a terrific Valentine’s Day – and sell LOTS of Valentine’s Day flowers!