Floralife Connections Link the Industry


Across the flower chain there are growers, transporters and retailers who would like grow their knowledge, make new contacts and explore new opportunities. The same goes for floral executives, researchers and suppliers, as well. If only there was a program to help foster floral industry connections. Well, there is. It’s called Floralife Connections.

A few clicks away on the Floralife website you’ll find a page called Connections. With the Connections program, Floralife leads the way in promoting cooperation and development of innovation, preservation of natural resources, sustainable practices and new products between Floralife and our partners.

Floralife Connections is a multi-faceted program encompassing research, new product development, benchmarking, facility auditing, problem solving, and more.

On the business side, Floralife Connections can help you identify business and marketing initiatives and develop protocols, and help make those important introductions to floral industry professionals like you.

As we say, “The Floralife Connections program is your resource for proprietary innovation in the floral industry. We want to help your company succeed with new and stimulating projects.”

If your company could stand to succeed with new and stimulating projects, head on over to the Connections page!