Cut Flower Care and Handling: Agapanthus

agapanthusFloralife has been doing a bit of spring cleaning around our website, rearranging things and sprucing up. We have expanded our Care and Handling section to offer a bunch of great useful tips for postharvest processing of many different cut flowers. Let’s go down the list! Today’s star is the Agapanthus!

Agapanthus, a lovely cut flower (with an ungainly name) is from Africa – South Africa, specifically. You can find this beauty, known as the Lily of the Nile or the Blue African Lily, in blue or white.

Each Care and Handling segment features Grower Recommendations, Wholesaler/Retailer Recommendations, and Troubleshooting advice for reviving a stressed cut flower.

Growers: be advised that the Agapanthus is ethylene sensitive. The article also gives advice to help you preserve your cut flower profits during postharvest, storage and transport.

Wholesalers/Retailers: You will find useful advice on Buying Tips, such as, have the flowers received an anti-ethylene treatment? Have the cut flowers been stored dry or wet? You will also learn about Processing, Pretreatment, Holding Solutions and Storage.

As for Troubleshooting, you will learn how to deal with flower petal drop and failure to open. Hint: it involves anti-ethylene treatments and Floralife Flower Food!

We hope you enjoy our new flower-specific Care and Handling section. And remember, you can contact Floralife with all your cut flower questions! If you find our new Care and Handling tips useful, drop us a note in the comments section!