Floralife Professional Services

flo prof servsIt seems like every company with a sales force says, “We aren’t just salesmen…we’re CONSULTANTS.” Well, here is an example of that phrase being 100% true. Floralife representatives definitely want you to buy our flower food, but they also offer a long list of consultative professional services to help grow your floral business.

As we say on the Floralife website: “Your Floralife Representative is much more than just a flower food salesperson. Floralife Representatives are chosen for their experience and expertise in the floral industry. Each representative can take you through extensive care and handling training, as well as product training. We are here to assist you throughout the flower chain.”

What types of consultative professional services does your Floralife rep offer? Take a look…

  • Conduct care and handling seminars
  • Flower testing and benchmarking
  • Advise on the installation and repair of FloraCare® Dosing Systems
  • Conduct tests to analyze air and water quality, checking ethylene and bacteria levels
  • Work with you to develop marketing programs and provide marketing material
  • Trouble shoot and audit facilities to help with flower quality issues
  • Help with distribution center protocol development
  • Advises on best practices for receiving flowers
  • Attend shows to educate you on our products, Quality Assurance personnel training
  • Advise you on new research and developments in cut flower care and handling
  • Supply care and handling training materials (product information sheets, monthly research articles)
  • Provide full Floralife laboratory support and the latest technologies in the floral industry

So, it’s not just a transaction, it truly is a partnership. Floralife cares about your success as a floral professional, and we offer the professional services that help make that success a reality. Want to learn more about Floralife professional services? Contact Floralife today!