Florists and Gardeners and Happiness

lady in gardenIn a report that has been making the rounds in the Floriculture press (you’ll see why) a UK economist and behavioral scientist says he has found the secret to happiness: choosing your job carefully. He has done the research and it turns out that the happiest professions are florist and gardener.

Professor Paul Dolan reports that a staggering number of UK gardeners and florists are happy with their work: 87 per cent. That’s 8 points higher than the number two job, hairdresser. What’s more, florists and gardeners are happier (like, TWICE as happy) than folks with “more prestigious, better paying jobs” such as bankers, who score a 44.

Of course, we just posted a piece about the scientific proof of flowers improving our mood. And those studies were based (pretty much) on having a couple of nice arrangements around the house. Working in an entire shop or greenhouse full of flowers… your happiness must be through the roof!

So, 87% happiness among florists and gardeners… does that surprise or sound about right? Are you among the 87%? Floralife hopes so! Let us know in the comments section, and have a great weekend!

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