Flowers Set the Mood

give flowers 2Say, would you like to boost your morning mood; increase feelings of compassion and kindness for others; banish anxieties, worries and the blues; and provide a boost of energy, happiness and enthusiasm at work? Researchers in University studies have the answer: Flowers!

That’s quite a host of benefits, but researchers have the results to show how flowers definitely improve your mood, especially in the morning. A Harvard University study suggests that: “The morning blahs, it turns out, is a real phenomenon, with positive moods – happiness, friendliness and warmth, for example – manifesting much later in the day…Interestingly, when we placed a small bouquet of flowers into their morning routines, people perked up.”

Meanwhile, a ten-month Rutgers University study found that “the presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner far beyond what is normally believed.”

You might recall an earlier post about the “Duchenne smile,” named for a neurologist who studied smiles, and devised a way to judge their sincerity or “realness.” The Rutgers study used that measure and found that women who received cut flowers always returned an authentic Duchenne smile, and their mood was upbeat for several days.

Of course, we have always “known” how flowers lift our spirits and brighten our day. It’s nice to have the science to back it up, though! So, improve your mood today, or someone else’s, with the gift of flowers. And keep them fresh longer with Floralife!