Surviving Mother’s Day

mothers day2Floral professionals, are you exhausted yet? You will be – Mother’s Day is one of your biggest weekends of the year!  How do you keep your sanity between now and the moment you click off the “Open” sign on Sunday afternoon? Several floral bloggers have addressed this topic, and we would like to pass their wisdom on to you!

We thought we would keep it light for this Friday post, because who has time to read this weekend? When you need a break though, check out the following links:

As you browse these pieces, it seems that the theme is to maintain a little perspective. Yes, this is some of the hardest work you will do all year, but this is also when you make your money. This is also the time when you can really make an impression in the community and forge new customer relationships. Finally, as one article said, it will all be over Sunday night!

Floralife wishes a prosperous and headache-free Mother’s Day to all the floral professionals!