Floralife Promotes Sustainability

earth dayEarth Day celebrated its 45th birthday this week. Without delving into the politics of the issue, most people agree that resources on our fair planet are limited. We need to be responsible when it comes to using and managing these resources. Promoting Sustainability is the cause these days, and Floralife is proud to pitch in.

The Sustainability page on Floralife’s website states:

“With our product, facilities and practices, Floralife is constantly looking at new and better ways to incorporate the best sustainable practices. This is an ongoing and ever changing process as we seek to innovate ways to implement the best sustainable practices throughout our business.”

When it comes to Product, packaging is key. We strive for less packaging overall, made from recycled materials when possible. Refillable packaging is another Floralife sustainability effort. As for the product itself, we work to make longer-lasting and reusable solutions

At every Floralife site around the world, we recycle paper, bottles, cans, etc., and we work to reduce landfill. We reorganize workflow and upfit older facilities to save on water and power usage. We are even using rainwater runoff for certain manufacturing processes.

As for Practices, we participate at the farm, wholesale, and retail level to encourage water savings and resource management. And we have gone paper-less with our in-house communications.

And, let’s not forget Water Wise! That’s Floralife’s effort to reduce labor, save water and make longer-lasting reusable solutions.

Again, for the complete picture, please visit our Sustainable Practices page. How about YOU? How are you promoting sustainability at the farm, transport, wholesale and retail level – or even at home? Let us know in the comments section. And, happy (belated) Earth Day!