Spring Flowers Beat Winter Blahs

crocusA Connecticut blogger reports the first sighting of spring flowers in his garden – a patch of crocuses bursting through the weathered mulch. He eagerly anticipates the daffodils that will soon follow. If you had lived through this winter in the Northeast, you would be excited to see spring flowers, too. So, what can we expect?

Let’s take a tour around the web to get a variety of opinions on the bounty of spring flowers that will dazzle and delight. These articles are full of great photos that are sure to send you running to the garden center or your retail florist, so check them out!

According to Huffington Post, standouts among this year’s spring flowers include Anemone, Hyacinth, Hydrangea, Lilac, Peony, Ranunculus, Roses, and Tulips.

The garden section of LoveToKnow.com divides the season into Early (Daffodil, Iris, Forsythia) Mid- (Tulip, Magnolia, Hyacinth, Primrose) and Late (Lily of the Valley, Lilac, Peony.)

House Beautiful breaks it down by month:

  • March: Poppies, Daffodils, Ranunculus, Sweet Peas
  • April: Lilac, Viburnum, Tulips, Jasmine
  • May: Peony, Lilac, Garden Roses
  • June: Dahlias, Peony

While we’re at it, what are the trendy spring flowers for the wedding scene? How about Foxglove, Lilacs, Viburnum, and Peonies?

And for you retailers, some recent stats on the Best Selling Spring Flowers, including (in order) Gerbera Daisy, Lilies, Tulips, Iris, Roses, Gladiolus, Snapdragons, Lisianthus, Orchids, and Larkspur.

So, there’s your spring flower breakdown. Of course, if you are like a lot of enthusiasts, statistics might not mean as much as simply having your favorites, due to their color, shape, or fragrance. What’s YOUR favorite spring flower? Let us know in the comments section!

Photo credit: freedigitalphotos.net/Graeme Weatherston