Dosing is Critical in Flower Food Solutions

doseTo really enjoy your cut flowers, it is always a good idea to mix a solution of flower food and water to be used in your vase or arrangement. The strength of that solution matters – too strong or too weak will harm your flowers. For best results, you need to be sure you mix the proper dose.

In nature, flowers that are still rooted get their nutrients from the earth. When flowers are harvested and eventually end up in a vase or arrangement, they are dependent upon flower food solution for nutrition and hydration. The flower food solution helps the health of the flower, the bloom fullness and the vibrancy of color and your total enjoyment of your cut flowers.

Too much flower food in your solution and you are over doing it – you may burn your flowers.   Too little flower food in your water, the balance of ingredients is out of whack and you have created a breeding ground for bacteria – also no good for your flowers! So correct dosing of flower food is vital.

At Floralife, proper dosing is a finely tuned science and we have worked hard to figure out the doses and formulations for a wide range of cut flowers. Check out these solutions over at our Products page. We have a YouTube video on the topic of dosing and, if you’re really into the science of it, we also have a very thorough Floralife Research Update for your review.

Do you have any dosing successes (or failures) to share? Let us know in the comments section!