Clear Thinking on Flower Food

clearAt Floralife, our flower foods are formulated with ingredients to help keep your bouquets and arrangements looking fresher, reduce waste and increase the return on your investment – wherever you happen to be in the flower chain. Beyond dollars and cents, however, Floralife products offer another benefit.

Whether it is the tulip, iris, lily, hydrangea, alstroemeria, rose or freesia, you arrange that cut flower bouquet with loving care and display it prominently. Of course, you want that arrangement to last as long as it can. And you want it to look fabulous the entire time.

The flower is not the entire arrangement, however. If you are a floral professional or a home enthusiast, you know that the vase is also an important part of the package. If you are a fan of the pristine, clear vase then you are going to need a pristine, clear flower food solution – one that doesn’t cloud the water.

That’s where Floralife comes in. There are many variations on flower food formulas – some are clear, and some are not. Floralife offers both, and they are equally effective.If a clear solution is your preference, then choose one of our Clear Flower Food products, which you can find on our Products page. You can also watch this YouTube video that contrasts clear flower food against non-clear, and how they compare to plain water.

So, what’s your preference? Clear or not? Let us know in the comments section, and have a great weekend!