Flower Food: Floralife Does the Research!


There is a lot of homespun wisdom regarding keeping fresh cut flowers looking alive and vibrant once they leave the florist’s. Some folks drop an aspirin in the vase, while some others swear by the humble copper penny. At Floralife, however, it’s all about the science.

As we say on our Research Updates page, “We pride ourselves on having the largest Research and Development staff of all our competitors. Our highly trained chemists and on-staff horticulturists constantly test our products against the leading competition.”

We experiment continuously, searching for the perfect flower food for a wide array of flowers including roses, orchids, mums, carnations and many others. It’s all about adding value, throughout the flower chain – keeping flowers fresher longer, from harvest to the home!

Take some time to check out our research updates on flower food, including:

And many more! Our research department is always looking for the next solution for longer lasting flowers! What should we research next? Let us know in the comments below!