Orchid - Cymbidium

"Love, beauty, respect and refinement"

Known as Boat orchid, Cyms, Cymbids, Golden Shower and Singapore orchids

Family Orchidaceae
Species Cymbidium cyperifolium, Cymbidium ensifolium, Cymbidium goeringii
Colors Almost every color, except blue
Origin Southeast Asia, Australia

Grower Recommendations

Orchid flowers are usually harvested 3 to 4 days after opening, because flowers cut prematurely will fail to develop normally off the plant. Early and late in the season, individual flowers are cut from the spike as 

they develop, because prices are high at these times. In mid-season, the whole spike is cut. Cymbidium are ethylene sensitive and benefit from an anti-ethylene product treatment such as EthylBloc Technology. To protect flowers from ethylene damage use an anti-ethylene product to treat flowers as soon as possible after harvest. 

After cutting, place flower stems in a solution of HydraFlor® 100 hydrating treatment for 1 - 2 hours at room temperature or overnight in a tropical cooler between 55 - 60˚ F.

Wholesaler/Retailer Recommendations

Buying Tips:

As individual flowers, purchase when fully open. Spikes should be purchased when at least two flowers per spike are open. Look for turgid flowers that are free of discoloration, spotting and brown tips.


Wholesaler: Check tubes to make sure they are full of solution and sprays are turgid. If sprays are limp, follow directions below.

Retailer: Unpack immediately. Recut under clean water and process with a Floralife® hydration solution.

Storage and Transport Solution 200:

For flowers that will be stored use Floralife® 200 or Floralife® Clear 200, or Floralife® Clear ULTRA 200 storage treatment or Floralife® eZ Dose® storage solution. Place flower stems in a clean bucket of solution and keep them treated during transport or storage until it is time to prepare them for consumer sales. Add additional solution as needed. Change out bucket solution at least once per week and use clean buckets prior to filling with new solution.

Vase Solution 300: 

This step in flower food treatment is part of the last stage of the postharvest care and handling prior to the end consumer’s purchase. Floralife’s vase flower foods encourage the flower to properly start opening, showing vibrant colors. These vase solutions will work with in all OASIS® floral foam designs and vase arrangements. The vase solutions hydrate and nourish the flowers for maximum enjoyment.

Recut flower stems with a clean, sharp knife or cutting tool, taking off 1 inch. Place flower stems in a clean bucket of Floralife Crystal Clear® solution for store floral displays, into vases with Floralife Crystal Clear® for floral displays or consumer take-aways, and in OASIS® floral foam that have been soaked in Floralife Crystal Clear® flower food solution for foam arrangements. Keep all flowers in the cooler until time for arranging and/or displaying. Add additional solution as needed.

Vase Life: Individual flowers: 4 to 10 days

Flower spikes: one to 4 weeks.

Ethylene sensitivity: very sensitive to ethylene.

Storage: 55 - 60˚ F cooler / 75 - 85% humidity.

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