Lily - Asiatic

(purity, virtue, peace, innocence)

Known as Asiatic Lily

Family Liliaceae
Species Lilium amiable, Lilium bulbiferum, Lilium maculatum, Lilium pumilum and Lilium tigrinum
Colors white, orange, yellow, pink, red
Origin Asia

Grower Recommendations: 

  • Treat Asiatic Lilies with Floralife® EthylBloc right after harvest to help prevent ethylene damage. 

Hydration after Harvest: 

  • Use Floralife® PAL and treat for minimum 2 hours (1 tablet for 2 L) 
  • Re-cut the stems (about 1-2 inches) before placing in hydration solution. 
  • Remove any leaves that might be below the hydration solution. 

Shipping and Storage: 

  • Asiatic Lilies should be shipped and stored at 36-38°F (less than 3 days) or 32-34°F (more than three days). 

Re-Hydration at Store Level and Storage (holding) 

  • Re-cut the stems and hydrate using a hydration solution such as Floralife® Hydraflor 100 for 1-2 hours (outside of cooler) or 4-12 hours (inside the cooler). 
  • After hydration, place flowers in a holding flower food treatment such as Floralife® Clear 200 and store in cooler at 36-38°F. 

Vase Care: 

  • Re-cut stems (1-2 inches) and place in a flower food vase solution such as Floralife® Bulb Food 300. 
  • Remove any leaves that might be below the vase solution. 
  • Use a finishing spray such as Floralife® Finishing Touch® to ensure the flowers freshness. 

Special Care Recommendation: 

  • Removal of the stamen can prevent stains from the pollen but the removal can shorten the vase life. 
  • Vase life can vary greatly depending on the cultivar 

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