"sympathy and remembrance"

Known as Limonium, everlasting flower, marsh-rosemary, Latifolia and Sea Lavender



Limonium carolinianum, Limonium latifolium, Limonium bellidifolium


blue, pink, purple, white, yellow



Grower Recommendations

Use Floralife® Quick Dip 100 instant hydrating treatment or HydraFlor® 100 hydrating treatment in field or packing shed immediately after harvest before placing into one of Floralife’s Flower Food 300 solutions or Floralife® 200 storage and transport treatment products.

Wholesaler/Retailer Recommendations

Buying Tips:

Avoid: Flowers or stems with signs of mildew, brown spots or rotting leaves.

Look for: Flowers with straight firm stems and bright green foliage.

Processing:  Recut stems. Removed damaged parts and as much lower foliage as possible.


Floralife® Quick Dip 100 instant hydrating treatment followed by placing into fresh flower food.

Holding Solution:

Use fresh flower food at the recommended rate: Use Flower Food 300, 200, Clear 200, or Clear ULTRA 200 storage and transport treatments, or depending on water test results, Special Blend 300 for Hard Water or for Pure Water.

To have water tested, send a plastic quart bottle of your water to:

Floralife  |  751 Thunderbolt Drive  |  Walterboro, SC 29488  |  Attn: Laboratory.

Flowers can be placed immediately in the cooler to prevent flower opening. Let the flowers hydrate in the flower food solution 1 - 2 hours before designing with them. As a finishing touch to any floral design, spray Floralife® Finishing Touch hydration and protection spray over entire project. 


Use D.C.D.® Cleaner Solution to clean buckets, vases, coolers, etc. D.C.D.® is specifically formulated to kill microbes over an extended period.

Customer Satisfaction:

Always give a packet of a Floralife® Flower Food with your designs. One liter packets treat one quart of water.

Ethylene Sensitivity:  Medium

Vase Life: 4 to 14 days

Storage: 34 - 36˚ F cooler / 75 - 85% humidity.


Problem Reason/Solution

Mold develops

Disease develops due to excess free water present during storage and shipping. Treatment at grower level which allowed water to sit on flowers and foliage for an extended period.

Excess yellow foliage

Can be due to production conditions, old product, improper storage conditions, or extended period out of solution. Check on previous handling conditions and age of product. Do not allow to dry out. Use Floralife HydraFlor® 100 hydrating treatment or Floralife® Quick Dip 100 instant hydrating treatment and correct Floralife® Flower Food solution and amount.

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