"deception and graciousness"

Known as Antirrhinum, rabbit’s lips, and lion’s lips


Plantaginaceae (formerly Scrophulariaceae)


Antirrhinum majus


green, orange, pink, red, white, yellow


Europe, North America

Grower Recommendations

Snapdragons are ethylene sensitive. They benefit from an ethylene-action inhibitor, such as EthylBloc Technology. To protect flowers from ethylene damage, treat them as soon as possible after harvest. After cutting, place flower stems in a solution of Floralife® HydraFlor® 100 hydrating treatment for 1 hour (or up to overnight at 34 - 36˚ F). Transfer stems to a solution of one of Floralife’s 200 products for storage and transport. Please contact Floralife for specifics.

Wholesaler/Retailer Recommendations

Buying Tips:

Ask: Has product been treated with an ethylene-action inhibitor, such as EthylBloc Technology? What is the source of the product? What is the cultivar name? Has the product been stored wet or dry?

Buy flowers that have about 1/3 - 1/2 florets open.

Processing:  Remove foliage from lower 1/3 portion of spike. Leave the rest of the foliage on the stem. Recut stems.


Even if the snapdragons have been treated with an ethylene-action inhibitor, treat them again as soon as possible. Being multi-floreted stems, snapdragons benefit from multiple treatments. Blooms that were not showing color during the previous treatment were not protected. Utilize Floralife Hydraflor® 100 hydrating treatment or Floralife® Quick Dip instant hydrating treatment prior to placing in a flower food solution. Use one of Floralife’s Flower Foods (see Holding Solution) to promote water uptake and hydration. This treatment will help increase bud opening, decrease flower wilting and fresh flower food keeps flower stems free flowing.

Holding Solution:

Use fresh flower food at the recommended rate: Use Flower Food 300, 200, Clear 200, or Clear ULTRA 200 storage and transport treatments, or depending on water test results, Special Blend 300 for Hard Water or for Pure Water.

To have water tested, send a plastic quart bottle of your water to:

Floralife  |  751 Thunderbolt Drive  |  Walterboro, SC 29488  |  Attn.: Laboratory.  

Flowers can be placed immediately in the cooler to prevent flower opening. Let the flowers hydrate in the flower food solution 1 - 2 hours before designing with them. As a finishing touch to any floral design, spray Floralife® Finishing Touch hydration and protection spray over entire project. 


Use D.C.D.® Cleaner Solution to clean buckets, vases, coolers, etc. D.C.D.® is specifically formulated to kill microbes over an extended period.

Customer Satisfaction:

Always give a packet of a Floralife® Flower Food with your designs. One liter packets treat one quart of water.

Ethylene Sensitivity:  High. (Most snapdragon cultivars are sensitive to ethylene.)

Vase Life: 5 to 10 days.

Storage: 34 - 36˚ F cooler / 75 - 85% humidity.


Problem Reason/Solution

Floret color fading

Make sure to use Floralife® Fresh Flower Food at the right dose. Store with some light exposure.

Buds fail to open

Product may have been stored too long, improperly kept out of solution for an extended period or exposed to ethylene. Make sure an anti-ethylene treatment is used; check storage conditions; make sure a Floralife® Flower Food solution is used.

Abscission (flower fall), translucent flowers and petals

Make sure an anti-ethylene pretreatment is performed and that one of Floralife’s Flower Foods is used. Change varieties if problem continues.

Do not know if flowers were treated with an anti-ethylene treatment

Use the “Apple Test” to check for proper anti-ethylene treatment.

Curving of the stem

Flower stems are geotropic. Subtle curving of the stem is not unusual; however, extreme bending will occur rapidly when in a horizontal position – store in a vertical position.

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