Orchid - Dendrobium

"luxury, affection and beauty"

Known as Bamboo orchid, Singapore orchid, Lindley's orchid, Jenkin's Orchid

Family Orchidaceae
Species Dendrobium lindleyi, Dendrobiums Nobile, Dendrobiums aggregatum
Colors purple, pink, red, yellow, green, orange, bi-color
Origin Asia

Grower Recommendations

Recommended stage of harvest is when 30 - 40% of the florets are open. Dendrobium are ethylene sensitive and benefit from an anti-ethylene product treatment such as EthylBloc. To protect flowers from ethylene damage use an anti-ethylene product to treat flowers as soon as possible after harvest. After cutting, place stems in a solution of HydraFlor® 100 for 1 hr. or with Quick Dip 100 instant hydrating treatment. Transfer stems to a solution of one of the Floralife® 200 formulas for storage and transport. Please contact Floralife for specifics.

Wholesaler/Retailer Recommendations

Buying Tips:

Purchase sprays that have the majority of the florets developed. Look for turgid flowers that are free of discoloration, spotting and brown tips.


Wholeslaler: Check tubes to make sure they are full of solution and sprays are turgid. If sprays are limp, follow directions below.

Retailer: Unpack immediately. Recut under clean water and process with a Floralife hydration solution according to label directions (Hydraflor® 100 or Quick Dip 100). Place in a Floralife flower food solution.


Dendrobium orchids are chill sensitive and should be stored at temperatures above 55° F / 12.8° C with 80 - 90% humidity.

Customer Satisfaction:

Always give a packet of a Floralife Fresh Flower Food with your designs. One liter packets treat one quart of water.


Problem Reason/Solution

Limp, droopy sprays

Can be caused by stem plugging / blockage causing a hydration problem. Recut stems under clean water and use a Floralife hydration solution followed by a Floralife fresh flower food solution.

Florets are transparent, have dry patches or are discolored. Floret abscision (drop).

Chilling injury or ethylene gas damage. Store at temperatures above 55° F / 12.8° C. Treat with EthylBloc Technology.

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