Known as Texas bluebell, Prairie gentian, Poor man’s rose and Lira de San Pedro




Eustoma grandiflora, Lisianthus russellianus

purple, green, pink, white



Grower Recommendations

Harvest when at least 2 flowers are open. There is literature that suggests the use of an anti-ethylene product such as EthylBlocTechnology helps to open more flowers. After cutting, place flower stems in a solution of Floralife® HydraFlor® 100 hydrating treatment for 1 hour (or up to overnight at 34 - 38˚ F). Transfer stems to a solution of Floralife® 200 storage and transport treatments. Please contact Floralife for specifics.

Wholesaler/Retailer Recommendations

Buying Tips:

Ask: Has product been pretreated with an anti-ethylene product, such as EthylBloc™º Technology? What is the source of the product? What is the cultivar name? Has the product been stored dry or wet?

Do not buy flowers which have leaf yellowing.

Buy flower stems that have 1 - 3 blooms open.


Remove foliage below solution level. Recut stems.


If already treated with an anti-ethylene product, such as EthylBloc® Technology, you can use Floralife® Hydraflor® 100 hydrating treatment for ½ to 1 hour at room temperature, depending on variety. Hydraflor® 100 encourages water uptake and ensures proper hydration, so lisianthus quickly become firm and stems remain free flowing. This is especially important for very dehydrated lisianthus. Alternatively, treat with Floralife® Quick Dip 100 hydrating treatment under normal conditions. This one second dip helps to increase water uptake for all flowers. Using one of Floralife’s hydration pretreatments can help prevent dehydration of lisianthus. 

Holding Solution:

Use fresh flower food at the recommended rate: Use Flower Food 300, 200, Clear 200, or Clear ULTRA 200 storage and transport treatments, or depending on water test results, Special Blend 300 for Hard Water or for Pure Water.

To have water tested, send a plastic quart bottle of your water to:

Floralife  |  751 Thunderbolt Drive  |  Walterboro, SC 29488  |  Attn: Laboratory.

Hold flowers at room temperature for 1 - 2 hours (2 - 4 hours if flowers are limp or exhibiting bent neck) if you want them to open prior to storage in cooler or designing. As a finishing touch to any floral design, spray Floralife® Finishing Touch hydration and protection spray over entire project.


Use D.C.D.® Cleaner Solution to clean buckets, vases, coolers, etc. D.C.D.® is specifically formulated to kill microbes over an extended period.

Customer Satisfaction:

Always give a packet of a Floralife® Flower Food with your designs. One liter packets treat one quart of water.

Ethylene Sensitivity:  Slightly ethylene sensitive (varies depending on cultivar).

Vase Life: 10  to 14 days.

Storage: 36 - 41˚ F cooler / 75 - 85% humidity.


Problem Reason/Solution

Buds fail to open

Product may have been stored too long, improperly kept out of solution for an extended period or exposed to ethylene. Make sure an anti-ethylene pretreatment is used; check on storage conditions; make sure a Floralife® Flower Food is used.

Flower fading

Make sure that a Floralife® Fresh Flower Food is being used correctly. Using flower food enhances the flower color. Low intensity light may also fade colors.

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