Water Stewardship

Water Stewardship

It is estimated that only 3% of the world’s water is freshwater, with the majority of that being locked in the ice caps. It is therefore critical we play our part in reducing our water footprint by conserving where possible.

Our products are composed of many ingredients, including water. Additionally, large volumes of water are being used in the industry. Adopting proper postharvest protocols would reduce these high volumes.

Floralife Water Wise Program

In 2015, FloraLife launched the Water Wise program specifically focused on our products’ ability to reduce water consumption. We are now implementing ways to target and quantify the results we have been tracking.

Floralife® Transformer

FloraLife® Transformer 100 is our circular economy product/process specifically tailored to key customer businesses. The process is simple but proven effective: collecting used hydration or feeding solution, then filtering and treating with FloraLife® Transformer 100 to be re-used again. Three easy steps is all it takes!

Concentrated Products

In an effort to reduce our global water footprint, we have decided to further concentrate products whenever possible.

The advantages of concentrating products are numerous. This action will not only improve water footprint but also reduce freight and packaging.


Let’s face it, sometimes the simplest things that are in plain sight are the things we don’t see! We are committed to be conscientious of the use of water in our facilities worldwide. We are reviewing the use of water in our bathrooms, labs, and kitchens updating our facilities as necessary to conserve water.

facility water usage study complete and targets set

We are assessing our water usage at all of our sites and putting measures in place to reduce our usage.

floralife industry water usage study complete and targets set

Working closely with industry partners, big and small, we will determine how much water is used post-harvest and can be saved.

help 500+ florists save water

Working closely with Smithers-Oasis UK we will help 500+ florists save water in their operation. We will apply these learnings to other Smithers-Oasis units around the globe.

access all floralife liquid products for optimal concentration

We aim to achieve optimal concentration of all liquid formulations, meaning products are at their ideal concentration and water is not wasted.