Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

While packaging can be considered part of our product range, we decided it was so important it needed its own commitment and direct focus.

All FloraLife packaging will be assessed for its impact on the environment and improved upon as needed.

Review All Product Packaging

FloraLife is committed to following the reduce, reuse and/or recycle principles when approaching product packaging globally.

We are carefully considering how to implement changes to reduce our plastic output while still offering a variety of solutions for our customers.

Supplier Integration

An integral part of the success of reaching our sustainable packaging goals is our suppliers. Achieving success with our 2025 plan wouldn’t be possible without their continued support, collaboration and innovation.

We have hand-picked suppliers who offer cutting-edge innovations in the sustainability space.

reduce reuse and or recycle all packaging by 2025

All FloraLife packaging will be assessed and improved upon based on the reduce, reuse and/or recycle principles.

remove 100 million pieces of plastic by 2025

We are committed to removing 100 million pieces of plastic from the supply chain by 2025.

attend 5 pacakging innovation trade shows

Packaging shows tend to set the scene for the coming year. We will keep ourselves up to date on new innovative technology.

All suppliers onboard with sustainability plans and goals

We’ve found our suppliers to be a source of great insight and learnings when approaching our packaging improvements. All suppliers will be on-boarded with our plan.