Stakeholder Awareness

Stakeholder Awareness

Collaboration fuels sustainable development. Without it many players could be moving in conflicting directions and reinventing ideas or technology that could have easily been shared.

We are committed to bringing our employees, suppliers and industry partners on the same journey. Additionally, we are aiming to be transparent, keeping our stakeholders informed with our progress, sharing learnings and receiving valuable feedback that will keep us on the right track.

Internal Communication

The essence of the FloraLife 2025 plan is to re-shape our thinking and company culture. We aspire to have sustainability ingrained into our identity and we strive to have it lead us in our decision making.

Internally, we communicate the successes and challenges our sustainability journey is facing. We also provide training and up to date information on trends and issues.


All levels of the FloraLife organization receive sustainability related training on a regular basis and are involved in sustainability related projects.

External Communication

Our stakeholders’ involvement in this initiative is paramount. Monthly e-blasts and press releases will not only plot our progress and mark our achievements but invite healthy debate as we navigate the learning curve.

We also host a sustainability webinar every other month to provide information and context of current issues.

FSI 2025

We are a proud member of FSI2025, the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative. Collaboration is one of the strongest activities an industry can do to move in a more sustainable direction.

12 Internal sustainability webinars complete

We are committed to developing a sustainable focused culture. Education is key to this success.

12 external webinars complete

All stakeholders on the same page is the quickest way to succeed. We will host many education and update webinars over the coming years.

5000 hours dedicated to sustainability

5000 man hours are dedicated to sustainable development, focus and education. This includes employees from all areas.

Stakeholder Progress Report

Every year we will briefly summarize current progress on goals and highlight some of our key activities over the past year.