Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

Inevitably, all products have an environment and/or social footprint. We are committed to minimizing this footprint by focusing on improving our range.

Additionally, we are committed to working with our customers to help reduce their waste through the use of our products and protocols. Together we can make a difference.

Products Focused on Reducing Industry Waste

We are working with our customers to identify ways to reduce waste. The FloraLife & You program includes a sustainability section where these concerns are addressed, and solutions found through innovative protocols and tailored FloraLife product use.

Re-focus In New Product Development

More than 80% of the environmental impact of a product is determined at the design stage (European Commission, n.d.). When innovating new products, we realize there is an opportunity for us to be more proactive with regard to sustainable practices.

We are committed to incorporating sustainability critiria into our product development processes. Additionally, we have arranged sustainability training for all FloraLife decision makers.

Product Range

We strive to be transparent with our position on sustainability and believe that there is no better way to convey the message than through our products. We are continuously assessing our current and new products against 8 sustainable attributes:

  • Impact on industry or organization water footprint
  • Impact on industry waste reduction
  • Presence of sustainable packaging
  • Presence of sustainable (i.e. biodegradable, naturally derived, etc.) formula/composition
  • Adherence to circular economy
  • Carbon footprint assessment complete and targets set
  • Carbon footprint targets achieved Progressively through time, we will assess and improve our entire product range used from farm to consumers.
biodegradable contents study complete and communicated

FloraLife packet formulations will be assessed to the ASTM D5511 biodegradability standard and communicated to our customers.

fairtrade product range launched

FloraLife® holding and feeding solutions will be available in a Fairtrade® formulation.

industry waste study complete by 2023

Working closely with industry partners, big and small, we will determine how much floral waste is generated and what can be reduced.

improve 20 product ranges sustainable attributes

We will improve the sustainable attributes of at least 20 product ranges.

key accounts to reduce waste in their operation

We will work actively with key accounts to help reduce floral waste in their operation.