Glues and Adhesives

Glues and Adhesives

Sure-Stik® Floral Adhesive

•    Sticks to almost everything—Stays stuck, even under water!

•    Ideal for anchoring candles, plastic, frogs, figurines and glass.

•    Easy-to-use roll form, 25 ft. (7.62 meters) roll.


Hot Melt GluStiks

•    Dries to 90% of bonding power within 60 seconds . . . complete bonding in 3 minutes!


Hot Melt GluGun

•    Solid State element heats in 3 - 5 minutes, holds glue at 380˚ F.

•    Built-in stand; can also be hung.


LoTemp GluStiks

 •    Bonds quickly to all objects including polystyrene foam, latex and metallic balloons.


LoTemp GluGun  

•    Safe and low temperature glue bonding.