Yamagata Prefecture

Tazawa Rose Nursery

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Tohoku, Japan

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Large, beautiful roses


19 are (.5 acre)

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Tazawa Rose Nursery

The Tazawa Rose Nursery was begun in 1996, after Mr. Tazawa graduated from university. As he began to build his business, he learned from other rose growers. Now, he applies his firsthand knowledge to his own farm production. The result is the Tazawa Rose Nursery as you see it today. Even though the farm has remained relatively small in size at 19 are, there is major crop management to maximize the crop yield.

The Tazawa Rose Nursery is well known with the local people and caters to the general consumer. Many of their customers like to come to visit the farm and to buy the freshest cut roses available to them. Additionally, the farm ships to three auction houses in Japan.

Located in the lush, mountainous Yamagata prefecture of Japan, and owned and operated by Mr. Yukiro Tazawa, the Tazawa Rose Nursery grows an abundant harvest of roses, both for their local community as well as for the rest of Japan.

The Yamagata prefecture is located in the southwest corner of Tohoku, on Honshu Island. It faces the Sea of Japan, and is known for its fabulous sunsets. The area is marked by mountains, while most of the population resides on a limited central plain.

High elevation and the warm temperatures during the summer make the Yamagata prefecture an ideal location for growing roses. The winter presents a challenge for growing, since it is cloudy with heavy snowfall; the local area actually becomes a famous ski resort. The length of the winter season makes production during the rest of the year extremely important.

The Tazawa Rose Nursery uses computer technology to help with the remote management of their roses. The technology allows the farm / nursery to check the conditions in the greenhouse from any location they might be. They secure the crop information, such as temperature and fertilizer control, in a database to keep better track of its production. Since the introduction of this technology, both the rose production quantity and quality have increased.

Mr. Tazawa gives to the community by helping the local disabled people there. They are able to buy roses from the Nursery, and then they create the bouquets they sell to help support themselves. 

The Tazawa Rose Nursery is big in handing out its roses at special functions. One of the biggest summer festivals of the region is the Hanagasa festival. Since 1963, it is held every year on August 5 – 7, with 800,000 people in attendance. The festival features a parade and dancers who dance with “Hanagasa,” which is a hat decorated with red flowers. About 100 groups of a total of 10,000 dancers participate in this dance. In the past, the Tazawa Nursery has given its roses as a special gift to the attendees.

For the past seven years, the Nursery’s rose bouquets have become a prominent handout for spectators at the Mondeo Yamagata pro soccer games.

In the day-to-day business of running a flower farm, pest issues are ever present. Discovering new ways to try to reduce them, while maintaining an abundant crop is of prime importance. The Tazawa Rose Nursery is working to utilize more natural methods to keep spider mites and other organisms from harming the roses.

The Nursery’s future endeavors include new protocols to be even more sustainable by implementing water conservation at the nursery. All their work is evident, when one sees the gorgeous, large roses the Tazawa Rose Nursery produces!

To find out more about the Tazawa Rose Nursery, please contact Floralife Japan at http://www.floralife.com/jp. 

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