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What steps can you take to make sure you provide your customers with the very best quality flowers possible? Sunshine Bouquet Company has tackled this dilemma by becoming a grower, as well as a shipper, to better control their flower quality. They focus on Freshness and Quality, and they have built a global logistics system that helps move the flowers quickly and efficiently from their farms in Colombia to customer locations throughout North America.

Sunshine Bouquet Company is a privately held, international manufacturer that sells fresh-cut flowers through various mass-market channels throughout the United States. The company began in 1971 as a small, family-run flower shop in New Jersey. The company expanded and realized the vision of managing all aspects of its supply chain needed to become a reality. In 2002, Sunshine purchased its first flower farms in Bogotá. From growing and processing, to packing and cooling, Sunshine now has the vital control needed to continue producing the highest quality and freshest products.

Sunshine Bouquet are regarded as an innovative enterprise, with every aspect of production being tailored to the customer. They are renowned for the breadth of the major crops they grow; this features 40 different species and spans hundreds of varieties, even though roses continue to be a mainstay crop. They are able to avoid customs delays and temperature extremes by providing a customs station within their facility. Their orders are all custom tailored and might contain a QR code attached to a bouquet that, when read, brings up a video.

The sales team consists of individuals with an extremely large amount of years in the floral industry. Many of them were former supermarket buyers, so they have an even better knowledge of the challenges that are faced to get flowers to the customer in the best way possible.

In setting the standards they are known for, Sunshine Bouquet Company is Rainforest Alliance certified, which means that all their farms are at or exceed the stringent standards of the Rainforest Alliance and its partners in the Sustainable Agriculture Network. These standards help protect ecosystems and wildlife habitats, they conserve water and soil, and they promote decent and safe working conditions. They also ensure that the farms are good neighbors to rural communities and the wildlands.

In an effort to give back to the community and establish the best living conditions possible, Sunshine Bouquet Company places a lot of emphasis on SBC Employee Programs such as providing educational opportunities and creating FESUN, an employee credit union.

Constantly improving, Sunshine Bouquet Company stays current with the trends in colors, popular flower varieties, and Care and Handling techniques, to better educate their customers. They stay ahead of the curve in design, and in addition to the more traditional pieces, they provide Seasonal Hand-Tied Bouquets, Consumer Bunches, DIY Flowers and Bouquet Collections. They showcase their NEW LIFE STYLE and TREND bouquet and arrangement collections for the customer. The designs are geared to target the way customers live as well as trends that speak to the current direction in fashion, home décor and fun.

The result of all this hard and innovative work is that Sunshine Bouquet Company is the single largest exporter of flowers from Colombia to the United States with a global team of more than 5,500 associates. We wish them continued success as they continue to redefine each aspect of the floral industry from the farms, through unmatched shipping options, and through their consistent and varied floral offerings.

Sunshine Bouquet Company can be reached at http://sunshinebouquetcompany.com

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