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In August of 1984, Flora Fresh, Inc. opened its garage doors for business. At the time, Allan and Charmaine Nishita worked out of their duplex in South Sacramento. The young couple had years of prior experience in the floral industry, but developed a vision of their own. Allan was a Buyer / Salesman for a wholesale flower company when he met Charmaine, who was working as a Sales Rep for an ornamental nursery from Southern California. Between Allan’s agricultural background / degree in Botany and Charmaine's nursery knowledge and creative skill, there was no stopping the dynamic duo.

Initially, Flora Fresh, Inc. started as a modest wholesale floral business that focused on bouquet manufacturing. Allan and Charmaine’s marketing pitch focused on quality assurance, customer service, and competitive prices, which allowed them to infiltrate mass marketing accounts. In the beginning, Flora Fresh, Inc. only delivered to two independent grocery stores. Within a few years, the company with dedicated employees expanded their services to almost all of Northern California and Western Nevada grocery chains and major box stores. Allan’s sister, Millie Nishita, joined the company, relocating from the Bay area as an Occupational Therapist. “It was just the three of us in the beginning,” Allan explained. “We moved the business out of the duplex garage into a warehouse, and our first walk-in cooler was 12 ft. x 16 ft. I remember thinking: ‘this is exciting!”

As California and South American flower growers began producing bouquets in the farms in the 1990s, Flora Fresh, Inc. evolved into a wholesale flower company. The company distributes to many florists, wedding and event planners, mass marketing customers, as well as a diverse group of other wholesale buyers. Flora Fresh, Inc. does not sell to the public.

Quality assurance is a priority that Flora Fresh, Inc. holds close to its heart. Flowers are processed under water and then placed in Floralife 200 Storage and Transport treatment, formulated to hydrate and provide the correct amounts of nutrients. Flora Fresh, Inc. is the only wholesaler in California to use EthylBloc™ Technology in their coolers twice weekly. EthylBloc™ designed to protect flowers and plants from ethylene-related damage and loss.

In 2012, Floral Resources Sacramento opened as a family owned and operated floral wholesale supply company, to complement Flora Fresh, Inc. Both businesses are housed under the same roof, which allows customers to enjoy a “One Stop” experience. The sister business offers an extensive variety of floral hard goods and specializes in unique products for florists, designers, event planners and wedding specialists. Floral Resources Sacramento does not sell to the public. Flora Fresh, Inc. and Floral Resources Sacramento attribute their success to their incredible staff. When hiring someone, Allan states, “It’s always nice if they have floral experience, but it’s most important that you have that gut feeling after an interview that they are honest, trustworthy and team oriented.” The business works as a family to ensure its customer needs are listened to and taken care of on a personal level.

Environmental awareness is also an important factor in dealing with flower growers domestically and internationally. Integrated pest management, recycling water, mulch vegetation, VERIFLORA and FLORVERDE are practices and certifications to promote a more sustainable product. Four years ago, Flora Fresh, Inc. decided to start carrying California Certified Organic Flowers (CCOF) for its wholesale customers. The product’s integrity is honored and kept away from the conventional product in its own refrigerated cooler. Also, potted greens and blooming plants are available to their customers.

Flora Fresh, Inc. and Floral Resources Sacramento promise to deliver the freshest flowers and floral supplies available to the customer. From day one, the Nishitas founded their business on three important principles: exceptional customer service, outstanding quality and competitive process.

Flora Fresh, Inc. and Floral Resources Sacramento remain a humble family business that strives to remain reliable, accountable, and accommodating. The customer success directly reflects the success of the business and both businesses are dedicated to helping their clients achieve their goals. 

To learn more about Flora Fresh Inc., come visit them at www.florafreshinc.com.

To learn more about Floral Resources Sacramento, come visit them at http://www.floralresourcessacramento.com.

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